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Professionally-Designed Templates For Every Kind of Customer

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You want your customer communications to look consistently great and to be aligned with your brand standards. Our design staff will work with you to build a proposal template to suit your group sales, wedding, or catering business, or any other market segment you serve.

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Highly Customizable

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Your clients have specific needs for their meeting or event, and ProposalPath helps you deliver the right information to close the business. Quickly select the right content, photos, and sales collateral in just a few clicks, and watch as ProposalPath transforms them into a winning presentation.

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A Home for Your Sales Material

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Your catering menus, A/V pricing, fact sheets, and other sales documents are securely hosted and easily sharable. Effortlessly upload and manage content for your entire sales team to use on proposals and other marketing campaigns.

Improve your sales team's efficiency by pre-determining which documents, messaging, and multimedia content is sent per-template. You have control over updates and are sure that your sales team is always sending the latest information to customers.

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Videos and Custom Site Tours

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ProposalPath's Premium Media add-on helps you engage with your customers on a higher level, and further distinguish your proposals from competitors. Quickly add personalized video messages or build custom narrated tours – sending a strong message to your customer that says “We want your business!”

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Integrated RFP Forms

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Our RFP Forms add-on enables you to capture leads from your website or other digital platforms and send them directly to ProposalPath for an immediate, high-impact response. Using a single line of code we'll give your website developer, you'll be able to:

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Customer Insight At Your Fingertips

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Our integrated Lead Log, Activity Tracking, and Dashboard gives you everything you need to organize, track, and report on your team's outbound sales efforts.

Engage more effectively with prospects by knowing when they've viewed your proposal and reviewed your sales documents.

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Mobile Compatibility

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You can't control which devices are being used to view your proposals, but ProposalPath has you covered. Thanks to responsive design, your proposals will look consistently great, whether they are being viewed on a desktop computer, iPad, tablet, smartphone, or other handheld mobile devices.

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