Columbia Hospitality Selects ProposalPath

Award-winning hotel management company leverages STS Cloud, ProposalPath, and RFP Forms to drive revenue, efficiency, and productivity across its expansive portfolio of hotels and resorts, golf clubs, distinctive venues, and more.

Columbia Hospitality, the sought-after hospitality solutions provider and management company that has established a reputation for exceptional experiences and remarkable properties has deployed ProposalPath and RFP forms across 30+ properties, and’s STS Cloud at 19 properties. Columbia Hospitality features a diverse portfolio of properties and venues, including the Rialto Theater in Bozeman, Smith Tower in downtown Seattle, hotels and resorts, golf clubs, distinctive venues, catering companies, and more. To best address the unique needs of each property, Columbia Hospitality was in search of a cost-effective, viable solution across its portfolio and highly scalable.

“Working with and Bluebuzzard has been great,” shares Ashley Asher, Senior Director of Sales at Columbia Hospitality. “Our partnership began with ProposalPath and RFP Forms, which we saw as a solution that could be seamlessly implemented across our portfolio. When STS Cloud was released, we deployed it across a number of our properties based on the size of the property and the scope in which the system would be used. Over this time, the team has been incredibly attentive and hands-on, listening to our specific requirements and working with their engineers to make it happen. We knew early on that their values aligned with our organization, and they have been great partners to us.”

As a demonstrated leader in the hospitality industry, Columbia Hospitality attributes its success to the continued pursuit of innovation and collaboration. Asher notes that “any benefits from technology is welcomed” and, to this effect, the integration now offered to Columbia Hospitality properties between WeddingWire and S&C platforms is incredibly exciting.

“The WeddingWire integration is now being rolled out to our properties, and this will be a huge time saver, especially having smaller teams post-pandemic,” shares Asher. With inbound group business and RFP’s increasing rapidly, having a unified system for each property’s sales team has been incredibly helpful. “The Sales and Event Division has increased by 65% in the last six months.” Asher reveals.

“Right away, we could tell that the Columbia team really lives by their mantra: Own the values, Make it fun, and Get it Done!” explains Ryan Hamilton, co-founder of “We are so pleased to play even a small role in bringing this mantra to life across their portfolio by simplifying and streamlining the efforts of their sales teams with innovative sales and catering technology.”

“They have been excellent business partners, especially during the tough times of the pandemic,” Asher adds. “That speaks volumes and solidifies who you want to align with in the future and continue doing business with.”